Curriculum vitae


M.Sc. Electrical Engineering-Power Systems, at ECE Department, Isfahan
University of Technology (IUT), Isfahan, Iran, 2014-2016.
Diploma on Renewable energy systems as a part of MSc. (short term), Albaath
University, Homs, Syria, 2012-2013.
B.Sc. Electrical Power Engineering, Tishreen University (TU), Latakia, Syria,
2007-2011 (Honors)


Professional Experiences:



Teaching Activities
Drive systems laboratory, Power system dep., TU, 3 Times.
Drive systems of DC&AC motor Lab., Mechatronics dep., TU, 1 Time.
Power systems protection laboratory, Power system dep., TU, 2 Times.
Electrical circuits problems solution, Mechatronics dep., TU, 2 Times.





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Research Experiences:


Industrial Activities
Supervisor & Collaborating as a trainer in an industrial project entitled “Monitoring and Control of Oil Transmission System using Allen-Bradley & Siemens PLCs Connected to SCADA System,” The Syrian Company of Oil Transport (SCOT), Ref. NO. MT/14-76/122, Banias City, SYRIA.

Collaborating as a trainee in an industrial project entitled “Maintenance of The Monitoring and Control Power Electronic Devices of Apache Helicopters in Air and Aviation Force Station,” 307 Army Aviation Technical Support Group, Volos, Ref. No. GR/EL/A016, Magnisia, GREECE.

Collaborating in an industrial project entitled “optimal FACTS devices location in Syrian electric grid,” Syrian Grid Management Company, Damascus, SYRIA. Collaborating in the supervision of a research project entitled “Voltage stability Assessment of a Syrian power system using artificial neural networks ANN,” Tishreen University, Latakia, SYRIA.